How do you become the world's twenty-third richest man when, at the age of 21, you take the reins of a medium-sized family business in vegetable oil? The answer is to switch from vegetable oil to information technology. In a few decades, Azim Premji has succeeded in turning WIPRO into one of India's largest high-tech companies. A provider of high-end software and R&D services, the company counts among its customers such giants as Sony, Fiat and Microsoft. A Muslim, Azim Premji has become a symbol of the Indian success story. Highly sensitive to the problem of education, he has created a foundation aimed at improving the quality of public education. He believes that training youth is key to development and that, to effectively fight against social inequality - a particularly thorny problem given India's caste system - one must offer all students the same chances of success, right from primary school.