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L'ennemi numéro un du Kremlin
Entretien avec Alexei NAVALNY
Opposant politique russe, président du Parti du Progrès.
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Journaliste indépendante, spécialiste de l'espace post-soviétique.
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The man who keeps many of Vladimir Putin's closest aides, and quite possibly the Russian President himself, awake at night is neither an army commander nor a terrorist chief. Forty-year-old Alexei Navalny runs the Anti-Corruption Foundation, a small independent organization funded solely by Russian citizens. What scares the Kremlin most is the size of Mr. Navalny's following: though censored by the state-run news outlets, he is adept at leveraging social media and his public denunciations of corruption among Russia's top brass spread like wildfire across the Net. He has alarmed the authorities into enlisting the courts to try and keep him quiet, but Mr. Navalny himself is only a whistleblower. In this exclusive interview, the man who dreams of standing for president in 2018 sets out a vision of Russia that goes far beyond denouncing corruption. It makes a remarkable read.
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