Politique Internationale - La Revue n°110 - HIVER - 2006

sommaire du n° 110
Ministre français des Affaires étrangères
conduit par
Patrick Wajsman
Directeur Général
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In this interview with Politique Internationale, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs reaffirms the guiding principles behind France's international actions: defense of human rights (in China, Cuba, Tunisia, etc.), and the preeminence of international law. Unilateral military intervention, such as that of the United States in Iraq, can only be condemned. For Philippe Douste-Blazy, the current priorities for French diplomacy are clear: no longer consider parts of Africa as its "private domain"; bolster the partnership with Russia; maintain a leadership role in issues concerning Lebanon and Iran (especially the nuclear question); and help reinitiate the construction of Europe. Concerning the latter point, Douste-Blazy emphasizes the necessity of proposing projects that will awaken a desire for Europe in French hearts. He is counting on the support of Angela Merkel in this goal, since he has always appreciated the talents of the new German Chancellor, even before her election.

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