Politique Internationale - La Revue n°93 - AUTOMNE - 2001

sommaire du n° 93
Entretien avec Donald RUMSFELD
Secrétaire américain à la Défense
conduit par
Barbara VICTOR
Ecrivain et journaliste.
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In this exclusive interview with Barbara Victor, the U.S. secretary of defense outlines the strategy of the United States following the murderous attacks of September 11. Donald Rumsfeld's mission has been to convince moderate Moslem countries to join the coalition against terrorism. This was far from easy, he explains, citing in particular Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where the risk of destabilizing the domestic situation had to be avoided, since both countries face their own strong Islamic protest movements. He evokes the possible impact of actions in process on the Israeli-Arab conflict, notes the failures of the intelligence system, and above all the lessons learned: to address new threats, the United States must deploy the means to defend its homeland and its operational bases. Regardless of the outcome of fighting in Afghanistan, the war against terrorism will be long, he says. It will last years and will be waged in the field of information, as well as on the battlefield.

Notes :

(1) Dans ce discours prononcé en septembre 1999 en Caroline du Sud, George W. Bush mettait l'accent sur la Révolution dans les affaires militaires (RMA), c'est-à-dire sur l'adaptation, en particulier technologique, de l'outil de défense américain aux nouvelles menaces, notamment terroristes et balistiques.